Saturday, 31 August 2013

Animal Report River Dolphin

Animal Report River Dolphin
There are many endangered animals in the world. I have been doing some research about Indian animals. I found out about the River Dolphin. One of the most endangered animals in the world.

River Dolphins are the biggest of the 5 types of River Dolphins. They grow up to 2.6 m from tip to tail, weighing up to 90kg. River Dolphins look different than  normal dolphins swims in salt water a River Dolphin swims in freshwater.

Diet:They eat crayfish, fish, shellfish, shrimps, and lobster.

Types in India:
The la plata spends the time at sea also there are 5 different kinds of animals that look like a River Dolphin.

The river dolphins lives in South America and India.

Life Cycle:
About the river dolphins they can change into different colors.

Here was another fact on the River Dolphin they can even swim upside down while trying to catch a fish with it’s snout.

Every time a human touches them there skin gets hurt and all of a sudden it dies.

Did you Know!!!:
The largest River Dolphin usually grows up to 2.4m.

Some of the people how touch River Dolphins well. Cause we all need these wonderful species and without them well we won’t have enough time to see them.Even though that we see them in pictures.Well you might want to see these wonderful species in real life so remember lets keep our species alive. ("

5 Sentence Starter

This is my 5 Sentence Starter I hope you like it. What I like about it is that it has the:Bang!!! what was that:So I hope you comment for me please :)
Audio and voice recording >>

Where are we? Wait did you just? Bang!!!
“What was that?" I said strangely. 

List of my favorite things in life

List of my favorite things in life

  • I like playing with my friends that come over to my house and playing with some of my friends that I meet at Parkvale School.
  • Learning new stuff on my computer & what you can go on and do.
  • Spending time with my family playing together.
  • Playing new games that I have not played before with someone.
  • Meeting new people at another school that I have not seen.
  • Having a family that is kind to me and always will be.

Maths Project

  • 1      12     6
  • 2      9       46
  • 3      10     40
  • 4      14     56
  • 5      10     40
  • 6      13     52
  • 7      13     52
  • 8      13     52
  • 9       6      24
  • 10     8      32
There was day,score and % we have done good work with our scores. But sometimes it has not been so well cause the scores that we are getting are going lower and lower and most of the times our scores are going higher. All you have to do is times by four and It equals the answer. I was proud of my work and the highest score. I got 14

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Henna hands

Hi this is my Henna hands here is a picture of them Hope you like it and I put what they mean on the henna hands there at the bottom part of the picture and I hope you comment for me. ("

Not just a house

Hello this is my video called not just a house. But please comment for me wharenui. |:) |:(

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Multiplication dice game

Hello this is my maths multiplication + & - so yeah but please comment on my blogger.(:|

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Elephant News Report

Elephant News Report
This is Dylan Harmer here Now I’m am reporting live news from Tree of Pride. There has been an Elephant who has escaped from its home and someone is about to get squished so remember this. Dylan Harmer reporting live Tree Pride. Bye, see you later. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! run for your lives ):|

Friday, 9 August 2013

Little dragon

dragon sentences
I tell the dragon to breath out smoke but instead it did fire.
The sacred dragon fears scratching below and more.                                                               Like something dangerous is going to happen to the poor dragon.
Then as the poor dragon keeps on fearing. It burns out a big blasting fire burning my hand. Then it runs away and because I was burnt the smoke went up on the smoke alarm. Ring ring!!!  My parents smelt smoke. As my parents smelt the smoke they said fire fire hurry Son hurry so I couldn’t hear them because of the smoke alarm. Then I see the city burnt man I wish that I could just tell it  to go to it’s room so that I could have a meal but it already burnt down Burger King boo hoo I once loved that place but now it’s gone Noooo!!! good bye Burger King.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Tui in the tree

Look here is a video of a bird named Tui and the others help Tui out of the branch. But what I liked about it is that Tui got stuck and the others helped him: Oh one thing please comment for me :)  
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