Saturday, 31 August 2013

Animal Report River Dolphin

Animal Report River Dolphin
There are many endangered animals in the world. I have been doing some research about Indian animals. I found out about the River Dolphin. One of the most endangered animals in the world.

River Dolphins are the biggest of the 5 types of River Dolphins. They grow up to 2.6 m from tip to tail, weighing up to 90kg. River Dolphins look different than  normal dolphins swims in salt water a River Dolphin swims in freshwater.

Diet:They eat crayfish, fish, shellfish, shrimps, and lobster.

Types in India:
The la plata spends the time at sea also there are 5 different kinds of animals that look like a River Dolphin.

The river dolphins lives in South America and India.

Life Cycle:
About the river dolphins they can change into different colors.

Here was another fact on the River Dolphin they can even swim upside down while trying to catch a fish with it’s snout.

Every time a human touches them there skin gets hurt and all of a sudden it dies.

Did you Know!!!:
The largest River Dolphin usually grows up to 2.4m.

Some of the people how touch River Dolphins well. Cause we all need these wonderful species and without them well we won’t have enough time to see them.Even though that we see them in pictures.Well you might want to see these wonderful species in real life so remember lets keep our species alive. ("


  1. You worked really hard on this, Dylan. You have structured your research into a written report in your own words. That is good learning.

    River dolphins have to be one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth.

  2. Awesome report Dylan! at first I didn't even know what river dolphins were until I read this report, awesome Dylan keep it up.

  3. Cool report Dylan!
    It's pretty interesting when a human touches the dolphins skin it dies,
    I like the description too.
    Keep up the great work Dylan!

  4. Nice work Dylan.I didn't even know they could change colour.Keep it up!

  5. Awesome work Dylan,
    great report. I have learnt heaps of new facts like it will die from a touch of a human!!!
    Well done

  6. Awesome work Dylan.
    Great river dolphin.
    I like your amazing facts on the river dolphin.
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Wow what a cool river dolphin report.
    I didn't know the largest they can grow to was 2.4 meters!
    Well done Dylan.

  8. You did a lot of work for this Dylan, well done


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