Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Avatar

This is my art or as I could say in a different a way my avatar. I've got Harry Potter clothes, Cool glasses, Bow tie, Cool hair and gloves also pants and shoes. Here is a Link to it.
I hope you like it and please comment. :)

Monday, 25 November 2013

How to be a fantastic Rock'n Roller

How to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller:

There is a way of how to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller. So how to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller? Here I would tell you but instead you can just look at the instructions down at the bottom.
Instructions How to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller stage one:
  1. Wear fancy clothes:
  2. Partner up:
  3. Respect your partner:
  4. Be kind to your partner:
  5. Sharp looks:
  6. Nice firm steps:
Here are the ways of how to be a Fantastic Rock’n Roller. But wait there is more to this Rock’n Roller stuff. It’s how to do the steps firm and nice. That’s easy just look down the bottom of the writing.
Firm steps stage two:
Just practice with someone and then you get to it but if you can’t well don’t worry. Cause then you can just practise more because practice practice practice makes perfect and you got it.  Well done for you. :)
In Conclusion:Follow the steps that I told you and you will be ready for the Rock’n Roller.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pen Pal Letter 4#

               Parkvale School
Howard Street
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Hi Dylan I went in the ambulance with my dad to the hospital. The doctors  were trying to make my dad feel better from the the cause inside. “that has been happening to him lately”.
So thank you for the note I like the writing you sent to me. It was amazing and Dylan we just might have a lot in common after all I like some of those stuff too. I’m also a fast runner but not the fastest except I’m proud of me. Bye Can’t wait till the next letter.
1#What kind of subject do you like?
2#how old are you?
3#What kind of pets do you have and like.
Yours Sincerely Dylan:

Oh and this me making pancakes at Camp Kaitawa with my group Hannah Tracey Teva and Shivom.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Athletics Day:

Athletics Day:
We went to athletics in the bus and all of us sat down and then we got out of our seats. Finally.  Then I got nervous and then we did the sports. My favorite  sports was doing the 200metre run and the 100 metre run. Wheww that was hard I better train more for next year. Then it was the final round I felt way more nervous and over my head I thought that I was going to pee my pants and be embarrassed. But no I concentrated and I did it yeah I did the 800m metre and came 15th place. But we were not going to get any points also the points I got on my tag were 6. But the good news was that I did my best and gave it ago.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


This is my Mathletics 2013 I hope you like it and please comment for me. (:Reflection for
Something I was pleased with was making my own mathletics.

…because…If I did not and then copied someone I would get in big trouble.
I really enjoyed learning That draw and putting them In the right order.
…because…If I didn’t well then I would get it wrong and make a mistake.

Something I found hard was…Doing the lines.

...because...Sometimes you do not know where you are going to put it or what place or area.
Something that made me think was…what did I had to do.
                  …because…At the start I did not know what to do because of the lines I did not know where to put them.
Something I want to get better at is…drawing like a artist and thinking of what to draw.
(What can I do about it?)
Just practice more and more.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Balloon Rocket

Balloon Rocket
You will need:
  • 1 balloon (Round ones work, but the longer”airship” balloons work best)
  • 1 long piece of kite string (about 10-15 feet long)
  • 1 plastic straw
  • Tape

What to do:
  1. Tie one end of the string to the chair, door knob, or other support.
  2. Put the other end of the string through the straw.
  3. Pull  the string tight and tie it to another support in the room.
  4. Blow up blow up the balloon (But don’t tie it.) pinch the end of the balloon and Tape the balloon to the straw as shown above. You’re ready for launch.
  5. Let go and watch the rocket fly.
It will fly or glide into the air shooting off fast.

It glided across the sky through the air going super faster then a bug like a real rocket.

How does it work:
You just blow up the balloon and get a straw add the line to the chair and tape it on. Then put straw in with the line and tape goes on to straw. Then last the balloon gets taped with the straw and walla it is ready to go blast off!!!

So here this is how the balloon rocket works just follow the instructions and you be ready in no time.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Racing of the fantastic a speedboat:

Race a Speedboat
Can you make a paper boat race across the water just by gently touching the surface of the water?
Hypothesis (What I think will happen)That it would glide across the water and speed fast.

Coloured card, washing up liquid, pencil or sharpie, scissors, large container of water.

Method (What we did)We put the paper on the water and got liquid on our finger.

Observation (What happened) Put the liquid in and it would of pushed the speedboat then it will go across the water fast.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened) Cause the liquid was inside is pushing the paper speedboat.

Short Experiment to Follow Up
Make Metal Float
Gently place a paperclip on the water’s surface.

Hypothesis (What I think will happen) that it would float slowly.

Observation (What happened)We put the metal paper clip down slowly with our finger and it just floated.

Conclusion (Why I think it happened)That the air was pushing it up and floating slowly through.
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