Friday, 13 September 2013

Indian Poster

Hi this is my Indian poster. You should see what the writing says. I hope you like the post. I also hope you like the drawing I made. The drawing of the lion. Hope you comment for me bye. ("


  1. Great work Dylan!
    I like the drawing of the lion,
    keep up the awesome work!

  2. Awesome poster Dylan.
    I like the lion you drew.
    Keep up the awesome work Dylan!

  3. WOW!!!!! Dylan such good drawing Dylan. I like how you explained and put in a little speech mark about India.

  4. Cool post Dylan!
    I do like the lion.
    The main is really cool.
    I can see what you write perfectly.
    It really made me imagine a place that I can have fun.
    Keep it up Dylan!

  5. Wow Dylan I like your poster its cool. Your Lion is looking awesome too. Keep up the good work Dylan.

  6. Wow Dylan!
    Amazing drawing of the lion.
    It looks great in the back ground of black.
    I like the speech you have made too.
    Are you enjoying learning about India?
    Well done:)

  7. Awesome work Dylan.
    I like the lion that you made.
    Keep it up!
    Nice work Dylan!

  8. Awesome post Dylan! I like wore lion Dylan.!!!!

  9. Awesome poster Dylan. You wrote a great sentence and drew an amazing lion. The main is cool I like how it has spikes. keep up the great work Dylan.

  10. Wow Dylan That is a really great poster!
    I love the part where you say with many animals and many people.
    Excellant work Dylan!
    Well Done

  11. Awesome lion Dylan!


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