Monday, 25 March 2013

My role model mum

My role model mum
She helps me with remembering things that I forget and how to do it.
Also she does my lunch box in the morning. She loves me she cares
about me and she is sweet and kind to me. Also she's nice to me. She likes to read a lot of books that she likes. She likes to take me and Tyrone to a lot of places on our birthday. And I like to have presents from her as well. She cooks me yummy food that we like to eat. I love it when my mum walks me to school. Because she gives us company and we could talk to someone while we walk. She's the best mom ever. I love her and I love to have fun and I would like to have mother and son day. I love my mum. I think she is a good role model. My mum is the best.I love her. She is the best.


  1. Taking me a bit to get this blogger sorted. Fine now I think.

    Thank you for choosing me as your 'role model'. A 'mother/Son' day sounds great.

    You have a 'BIG' heart Dyland and I love that I am your mother.


  2. You must have a pretty good mum.
    She should be glad to have you.

  3. Spectacular role model Dylan

  4. I read this again today, Dylan.

    It is one of my favourite pieces of writing this year. Thank you!


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