Friday, 24 May 2013

Willys diary

Sunday the 5th of May                                                                                                                                Dear diary
“As I walk past all the people feeling lonely all by myself with no one to play with.They do not let me play a game just being bullied and calling me a wimp and just a little ape.It’s like that I’m just not a big ape like the other rest just a small ape being bullied and called a wimp”.

Monday the 6th of May
Dear diary
“As I walked on the path way sad and lonely looking at the pathway with no friend.But then......
there was chuckle on the pathway.Then all of a sudden smack crack
they looked at each others eyes and willy said oh I’m very sorry about that
then the other ape said oh no I’m sorry about that no I was because I was  looking at the pathway so I’m sorry said Willy.Well hello my name is Hugh Jape what is your name well my name is Willy well hello willy.So Willy and Hugh Jape sat on a set looking at the joggers running.then there was Buster Nose came to bully Willy but Hugh jape stood in front of him and Buster Nose was scared of him and went away”.
Tuesday the 7th of May   Dear diary                                                                                                                “So they decided that they should go to a park and play together.But then    they were too noisy when Willy made him laugh to much but then.....
Hugh Jape stopped all of a sudden.....                                                                                            he saw a terrible creature it was a spider he was frightened of it then Willy helped Hugh Jape and put the spider away.So Willy and Hugh Jape said should we do this another time said Willy.Yes said Hugh Jape yes we should do it tomorrow.Then Hugh Jape went back home and so did Willy and had a lovely sleep having a friend”.


  1. This must have been a story you read? Bullies and name calling are not nice. We have to be careful we don't do it either. You seem to have grasped dairy well.

  2. Awesome Dylan I rally liked it.
    it was so awesome Dylan!!!


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