Monday, 25 November 2013

How to be a fantastic Rock'n Roller

How to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller:

There is a way of how to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller. So how to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller? Here I would tell you but instead you can just look at the instructions down at the bottom.
Instructions How to be a fantastic Rock,n Roller stage one:
  1. Wear fancy clothes:
  2. Partner up:
  3. Respect your partner:
  4. Be kind to your partner:
  5. Sharp looks:
  6. Nice firm steps:
Here are the ways of how to be a Fantastic Rock’n Roller. But wait there is more to this Rock’n Roller stuff. It’s how to do the steps firm and nice. That’s easy just look down the bottom of the writing.
Firm steps stage two:
Just practice with someone and then you get to it but if you can’t well don’t worry. Cause then you can just practise more because practice practice practice makes perfect and you got it.  Well done for you. :)
In Conclusion:Follow the steps that I told you and you will be ready for the Rock’n Roller.


  1. Well done Dylan.
    I like how you made steps for your Rock'n Roll report.
    That's great work!
    Keep it up Dylan!

  2. So pleased you doing Rock'n Roll. Nana and Grandad could teach you a few steps this weekend. They were around when it started.


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