Friday, 19 September 2014

The Legend Of The Butter Warriors:

There were two brothers called the Butter warriors but their actual names were Thor and Death Rider. They both lived in Middle Earth, a place where elves could do mostly anything. But there was a dark side and a light side in Middle Earth. They were the best friends ever in the world and they sticked by each other and protected one another. One of them was the strongest and the other one is the skilled one. Combine them together and nothing can stop them. But one day it was time to see how was worthy to become the king. They were both surprised and then it called out it came to the end of who was King and in charge of the palace. It was Thor so then Death Rider got jealous and killed the father and ran away to the dark side. Thor would of went after Death Rider but he need to see if his father to see if he was ok but he got stabbed in the heart and Thor swore to find Death Rider and to  destroy him and Bring justice to Middle Earth and show his head dripping  the blood down. Death Rider said”I will destroy him once and for all and become king and rule the world but for now I will get some soldiers and rule the kingdom mu ha ha ha haa!!!” 15 YEARS LATER... Death Rider keeps on exercising and does not stop he still fights  getting ready to attack his brother. Meanwhile his brother was hiding in a sunny defense thorn area in at the castle so people can go there and have peace and be safe from others from the outside. But then something terrible happened. His soldiers found a thorn area that had a lot of defense. Then they told Death Rider about it and they went to the defense area and knocked it down and the people inside it were getting ready to attack and there people so that they can be free then Thor meet his evil brother Death Rider. They were both knocking out each others  soldiers out of the way. Then when they both got to each other they fought till the death. Then Thor stabbed Death Rider in the heart and Death Rider stabbed Thor in the stomach and Death Rider died. Thor was dieing slowly. Then the Gods came to heal Thor the Gods used all their power to heal Thor. Then Thor came back to life and thanked the Gods. 2 Years later... Brodie fixed the building and swore to have peace for the world but there will still be darkness for those who hide and rise the dark one and the world will be destroyed.

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  1. Love your story Dylan it has lot's of actions and I glad that you didn't make the characters talk through the whole story

    From GP


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