Friday, 14 June 2013

Day One Kiwi Creche

This is my Day one Kiwi Creche writing ( I hope you comment please :)                                                Kiwi creche                                                                      When Mum goes driving on the road and we stop at the Kiwi creche and we see the people who look after Kiwis.They looked great and I wanted to be one too. We went inside the Kiwi creche and saw nothing inside it? ? ? It was empty full  of nothing. Because I thought there were Kiwis in their but there were not a single one                                                                                                                                                                It was actually a trap for pests and I figured it out what it does I think I say to myself inside there.The pest opens the cage and the other side is closed then the other side is closed then It is trapped. Which is a great idea to trap pests.Then the lady said how knows about the Kiwis then we answered the questions. But we stopped about the Kiwis and the lady grabbed the box. I wondered what was inside there? ? ? Then the old lady opened the box and calmly grabbed it out. It was a kiwi.I was amazed by that then we got to pat it on the back it was hard but underneath it’s soft But the top was like fern. Then the soft must of been like a bed but I do not know I'm just guessing but it might feel like that. Then some of us wanted to go toilet ! ! ! It was Augustine and there in the bush we saw some more boxes with Kiwis inside them it was fun seeing one ahhh ! ! ! I say another relaxing day for me.              


  1. Awesome store Dylan!!!

  2. Wow!!
    Great writing Dylan.
    I like how you have written a piece about the kiwi creche.
    Well done!!!
    I hope you had a great time there.

  3. It was an exciting time patting the Kiwi. You wont forget that day.


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