Wednesday, 25 June 2014

KWL: Cockroaches:

What I know:
What I want to know:
What I learnt:
That they are very fast.
How long do they live for.
That they can run up to kilometres an hour.
They have tentacles to sense for stuff.
How many eyes do they have.
That they have a brain in there stomach.
That they have white fat in the inside of them.
How much eggs does it lay down.
There are all types of cockroaches that stink like a stink roach.
That they survive in a nuclear reaction.
Do they only have a brain and a white fat stuff in them.
That cockroaches can grow up to 4 centimetres long.
That they have sticky legs to climb up walls and stick to them.
How far can they sense with there big tentacles like how many meter can they sense.
That a cockroach can survive for a week with their head chopped off.

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