Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Strange White World:

What I know:
What I want to know:
What I learnt:
That when you go outside it is cold and you could make a angel out of it.
What is the white snow created by or from is it created by the storms.
Hoar frosts develop only if temperatures stay at or below 0 Celsius.
That it is shiny wet also sparkly and fun outside to play sometimes with friends or family.
How do trees live with freezing cold winter outside of our houses.
Sometimes the crystals get so thick that the electricity workers are sent to remove them from power lines before their weight causes the lines to break.
That it is slippery and that you can do a snowman out of it.
How cold can it really get in New Zealand AKA NZ if it was winter.
When the Sun finally breaks through our crystal world shimmers and gleams. But the warmth melts the frosting.

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