Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Great Earthquake

Great Earthquake                                                                                                                                                  Here at Parkvale School we just had a earthquake in all classrooms all around and we went outside to check all of the kids if they were here and safe so they checked and called out the names. Some kids  were at home feeling sick and tired so they could not come to school sick but there was everyone there and we went back inside that was good I say to myself but I felt a bit well excited about it sort of but it is not a good thing too. So we went inside the classroom and we talked about the earthquake how it was well fun and it could've been dangerous for anyone at school so we sat down and Mr Severson talked so we were all glad wow what a great day.


  1. Great piece of writing, Dylan! Did you think the people at home sick were lucky? Well done, Dylan. :-).

  2. Earth quakes are scary, but you know how to look after yourself and friends


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