Thursday, 4 July 2013

Imagine camping in a tent

Imagine Camping in a tent
That in a tent sleeping then all of a sudden...
Bang!!! thunder hitting the ground waking up with scares and fright feels like an earthquake hitting hard.
Then as I go back to sleep...
My dad sleeps into my tent snoring loud as.That I can not sleep.Then the thunder comes back and it
changes red. Thats weird.
Then it moves around in circles slithering like a snake.
It heads towards Tyrone my brother.He might  even wake up and get scared and frightened by it and he just might get his mum.Then I think what is making that stuff as I circle around.I think and I’ve got it.But then it grew
Bigger, Bigger, Bigger, and Bigger!!!.also I had the answer then I said it was stormy Mountain.Then I went up there I saw a cold frozen Diamond.
  To Be Continued...                

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